Prague Concert Life, 1850-1881


Festival mass given to celebrate the birthday of the Archduchess Sophie

Aufführungsort: St James's Church [Kostel svatého Jakuba] (Church)

Programmsorte: Church music events

Datum: 26/01/1850 11am

Spielzeit: Carnival

Programme including:

UNSPECIFIED, ? : unspecified Mass, vv
     • Žofín Academy: vv Maýr, Jan Nepomuk : conductor


Advance news of this event was published by the newspapers Bohemia and Prager Zeitung. On 24/1/1850 the former recorded that on 26th January at 11am in the church of St James would be given a high mass as part of the celebrations to mark the birthday of Archduchess Sophie [Feier des Geburtsfestes der Erzherzogin Sophie]. A great sung mass would be performed by the members of the Žofín Academy under their director J.N. Maýr. Prager Zeitung 24/1/1850 more concisely reported ‘On Saturday 26th January, for the birthday of Her Imperial Highness Archduchess Sophie, takes place at 11am in St James’ Church a solemn high mass (sung).’

Zusammenfassung der Quellen:

Prager Zeitung (24/01/1850)
Bohemia (24/01/1850)