Prague Concert Life, 1850-1881

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Eleonora z Ehrenbergů

Eleonore Gayerová Ehrenbergová

Ehrenbergů, Eleonora z (1832-1912). Czech soprano opera singer. Studied at the Prague Conservatory (1852-1854). Briefly a member of the Estates Theatre opera in 1854 before serving appointments in Štětín, Hamburg and Leipzig. Mercy’s Anzeiger 28/8/1854 reported that she had just accepted a lucrative engagement on the Stettin [now Szczecin] stage. Her invitation to perform at Štětín was also related by Lumír 26/8/1854. She returned to Prague in 1861 to sing in the new Czech Provisional Theatre (where she was the first singer to perform the rôle of Mařenka in Prodaná nevěsta, and later in the National Theatre. Národní listy 11/4/1863 reported that Ehrenbergů had recently received lucrative offers of work from the Court Theatre in Darmstadt and from the Imperial Theatre in Moscow, but it was not known then whether or not she would accept either of these posts. In the case that she did leave Prague the correspondent considered that such a move would constitute ‘for sure a great loss for our Theatre’.

She appeared in many Prague public concerts during her time in the city.

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