Prague Concert Life, 1850-1881

Název události:

Concert given by pianist Raoul Javorník

Místo konání: Konvikt

Typ akce: Art music culture

Datum: 26/09/1860

Programme comprising:

  • JAVORNÍK, Raoul: soloist, pf
  • BRENNER, Johanna: soloist, v
  • musical ensemble of the Royal Infantry Regiment of Count Gyulai: participating ensemble
JAVORNÍK, Raoul : Fantasie for piano Fantasie romantická (Romantic fantasie), pf
JAVORNÍK, Raoul : piano piece Karneval Benátský (Carnevale di Venezia), pf
JAVORNÍK, Raoul : Fantasie for piano on Czech folksong Andulko, pf
JAVORNÍK, Raoul : unspecified salon works for piano, pf
HUMMEL, Jan Nepomuk : Concerto for pianoforte and orchestra, pf, orch, nr.2, A minor, op.85
BELLINI, Vincenzo : aria Casta diva from act 1 of opera Norma, v, orch [arr. pf?]
Hungarian folksong A kesergö Leany (The crying girl), v
VERDI, Giuseppe Fortunino Francesco : unspecified piece from opera Les Vêpres Siciliennes, orch
ROSSINI, Gioachino Antonio : unspecified piece from opera Guillaume Tell, orch
VERDI, Giuseppe Fortunino Francesco : unspecified piece from opera La traviata, orch


Bohemia 25/9/1860 reported that ‘The concert of Mr Raoul Jawornik takes place tomorrow at 5pm in the Konvikt Hall. Miss Brenner, who performs the Casta diva and a Hungarian song, and the royal musical ensemble of the Infantry Regiment of Count Giulay, which performs pieces from Les Vêpres Siciliennes, Guillaume Tell and Traviata, will participate in this concert.

This concert was the first significant public musical event of the 1860-1861 concert season, a fact noted by the Dalibor 1/10/1860 review with the comment that ‘on the 26th September there appeared one of the first swallows on the musical horizon, in the person of Mr Javorník.’ Raoul Javorník, the Dalibor critic noted, originated from a Prostějov family, and was ‘a solid virtuoso. His playing is delicate, elegant and finely nuanced, so that it seemed that the sounds which we heard were produced with a woman’s hand from the piano.’ The playing of the orchestra of the 33rd Infantry Regiment was ‘accurate’, but the review criticized the orchestra in that the ‘numerous wind instruments of the band were unsuitable for so small a hall, since the strong and strident sounds affronted the delicate ears of the refined Prague audience.’ The orchestral works by Verdi and Rossini performed in the concert were not identified by the review.

Přehled zdrojů:

Bohemia (25/09/1860)
Dalibor, hudební časopis s měsíční notovou přílohou (01/10/1860)