Prague Concert Life, 1850-1881

Název události:

Musical entertainment given by the Tyrolese Singers [Tiroler Sänger] Meister and Franz Bauer

Místo konání: Žofín Island (Žofín Hall)

Typ akce: Art music culture

Datum: 30/03/1851 4pm

Sézona: Lent

Programme unspecified [see commentary]:

  • Tyrolese Singer Brothers Meister: participating ensemble, vv
  • BAUER, Franz: soloist, mouth organ, mandolin


News appeared in the Lokalzeitung section of Bohemia 30/3/1851 that at 4pm on 30th March the Tyrolese Singer Brothers Meister and Franz Bauer would give a song production [Gesangsproduktion] in the Žofín Hall with zither accompaniment. The text also related that advertisements for the event had announced that Franz Bauer from Styria was well known as a virtuoso on the mouth organ and on the mandolin. The ‘society [Gesellschaft]’ - evidently the ensemble - had already travelled in Germany, France and in England.

The date, time and venue of this event was listed in the Tagesanzeiger text of Bohemia 30/3/1851. This issue of the newspaper also published an extended notice for the event. The text announced that ‘The four Meister brothers, genuine Tyrolese singers, and Franz Bauer from Styria, who have arrived here after a tour in England, will ... give a production on Sunday 30th March at 4pm in the Hall of Žofín Island. This will consist of original alpine songs, hunting songs, tragic and comic solos, zither playing, and performances on the mouth organ and mandolin.’ Owing to the necessity of continuing their tour, the ensemble could only give several [einige] productions. Admission to the event cost 20 kr to the salon [Saal] and 10 kr to the gallery. The notice was undersigned ‘Gebrüder Meister aus Tirol.’

Reporting in advance upon their next performance in Prague, Bohemia 3/4/1851 intimated that the success of their first appearance in the Žofín Hall was reduced by the venue itself being too large; that their singing was evidently compromised by the acoustic.

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