Prague Concert Life, 1850-1881

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Performance of Liedertafel

Místo konání: Deutsche Casino

Typ akce: Popular social musical and dance events

Datum: 18/04/1850 pm

Programme of liedertafel, including:

KUHLAU, Friedrich : partsong Abendlied (Unter allen Wipfeln ist Ruh), male vv
     • Deutsche Casino: male vv
NEITHARDT, Heinrich August : partsong Der Philister no.1 of 6 partsongs [Sechs Gesänge], 4 male vv, op.55
     • Deutsche Casino: male vv
TAUWITZ, Eduard : partsong Abendlied no.6 of 6 songs for 4 male voices [Sechs Lieder], 4 male vv
     • Deutsche Casino: male vv


A brief account of this Liedertafel performance by the members of the Deutsche Casino, signed ‘ŋ’, was published by Bohemia 21/4/1850. This noted that the event was again well attended, although by ‘not so many persons as gathered at the last production.’ The arrangement of the salon had been changed to the benefit of both singers and listeners, with the result that the singing had a ‘softer and more full-toned sound’. Many of the works given were very appealing and had to be repeated, among them Kuhlau’s Abendlied, Neithardt’s Der Philister and the specially composer Abendlied by Tauwitz. The performances, particularly of the two evening songs, was adjudged to be ‘most successful. In any event, for the progress of the Liedertafel, the continuing endeavour of its Director [Tauwitz] cannot be sufficiently praised.’ Finally the report related that on Sunday 21st April a plenary meeting of the Deutsche Casino would take place, in which the issues of financial accounts, revisions to the constitution of the society, and the matter of the definitive choice of a director would be resolved.  

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Bohemia (21/04/1850)