Prague Concert Life, 1850-1881

Event title:

Soirée given by Schulhoff for the Empress Marie Anne

Venue: Chambers of the Royal Court, Hradčany

Event type: Personal and private musical events

Date: 30/05/1850

Season: Summer

Programme unspecified:

General participants:
  • SCHULHOFF, Julius: soloist, pf


Bohemia 2/6/1850 published news that Julius Schulhoff on 30th May had played for the second time in a soirée for Her Majesty the Empress [almost certainly Marie Anne, wife of Ferdinand who abdicated in 1848 and subsequently resided in Prague]. No details of the occasion were related, except that at the end of the soirée Schulhoff ‘was presented with a very valuable golden tobacco-box by Her Majesty.’ Schulhoff evidently remained in Prague for the duration of the summer. Bohemia 13/10/1850 published news that following a long stay in his home city he was today about to embark upon a long concert tour of north Germany and of Russia. His first destination was noted to be Leipzig.

Summary of sources:

Bohemia (02/06/1850)
Bohemia, ein Unterhaltungsblatt (13/10/1850)